Vision Board: How to Make One & Why You Should

There are a lot of uses for and reasons to make a vision board. You can make one to help you design a room, your wardrobe, a party, or even remind you of a life goal or where you want to be in life. They’re great at helping you organize a vision or idea you have for something.

I’ve made my fair share over the years that fall into all of these categories. Boards you might have or see on Pinterest are basically big vision boards for that category, filled with things you like. If you’re anything like me though you have way too many things pinned in each board to be able to easily look through it. That’s why I’ve taken to going through my boards and picking a handful of pins to make a vision board for that category.

The six of these photos aren’t a vision board to help me design a room or anything like that but rather a vision board of pictures that make me happy and feel good. I think this kind of vision board is good to have because it gives you something to look at when you’re feeling not yourself that’ll boost your mood. I find that changing out the pictures every now and then helps, because like even with your favorite shirt, it gets old after a while.

Why You Should Start Making Vision Boards

Since making vision boards I’ve found it much easier to stay on track with a goal. They’ve helped me to get a better idea of what my personal fashion style is and build a wardrobe filled with pieces that are my style and work well together. I’ve also found that they help me stay motivated longer. Everything from living healthy to getting schoolwork done can be really hard to stay motivated about. I’ve found having a few pretty photos of smoothie bowls or someone’s super organized notes can get me motivated again when I’m in a slump.  Lastly vision boards just fun to make and nice to look at and who doesn’t like that?

How to Make a Vision Board:

  • Pick a topic/theme
    • This can be anything you want it to be. You can make it broad or focuses. Personally, I find the more precise you are the better
  • Choose pictures that fit into your topic/theme
    • Pinterest is great for this and makes it a lot easier especially if you already have a board for the category your topic is in – like going to your clothing board for a fall wardrobe vision board
  • Only pick pictures that you LOVE
    • There’s no point in having a vision board with things you kinda like. Only pick things that are exactly what you want
  • It’s okay if you only have 3-4 pictures
    • The idea is to only have a handful of photos
    • You can always add more to it if you want when you come across more photos that fit perfectly into your board
  • Print out the photos or save them to an album on your phone
    • I prefer having an album on my phone for easy access but whatever fits your fancy

Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine, I had found them on Pinterest and traced them back as far as I could in an effort to give the original photography credit (credit is given in the photos captions)



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  1. I love these mood boards! I make them all the time when I need inspo for various projects 🙂


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