Best Face Products for Sensitive Skin: Simple Skin Care Review

A few years back I came across this brand and decided to give it a try. I have pretty sensitive skin. Especially when it comes to products I put on my face. Every face wash I had tried before was too harsh and either derided out my skin or irritated it so much my skin would break out more. Every face lotion made my skin too oily and made me break out more as well. And every face wipe didn’t get all my makeup off or would make my skin sting.

With Simple campaigning that they were the sensitive skin experts, I decided to give them a try. I was so happy to see that they weren’t any more expensive than other drugstore face products. Since I started using their products back in my junior year of high school I haven’t used anything else. My skin feels softer and healthier than ever. I can imagine using any other brand. A good thing to keep in mind though is that  I have nerve struggled with severe acne, I’ve only ever had moderate acne, so the face wash won’t necessarily help get rid of hard acne as much as just clean your face.

Why I love the face wash: this has been the best face wash I’ve yet to use. It really is Simple. I can tell every time I use it that there’re no harsh chemicals in it. It doesn’t smell like any fruity floral scent which is great news to me because it means it doesn’t have the chemicals which are usually the ones making my skin irritated

Why I love the moisturizer: IT’S AN OIL FREE MOISTURIZER!! This is SUCH a big deal! I honestly hadn’t even thought about this in a moisturizer before but let me tell you does it make a difference! If you have only ever had facial moisturizers make you breakout or even if you haven’t you need to try this moisturizer. I have not had any dry patches or peeling since using this moisturizer and it even helped with breakout because I was properly moisturizing my skin (which yes can cause breakouts just as much as oily skin)

Why I love the face wipes: Sadly I’m all out of these right now but I will definitely be restocking soon. They do a flawless job of getting my makeup off on those nights I’m just too lazy to wash my face properly.

All the products don’t have any gimmicky aspect to them. They do exactly what they are supposed to do and they do it very well.

For more info or products here is the link to their websitescreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-12-10-04-pm


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