The Time Between Midterms and Finals

This is what my 1st desktop screen always looks like to help me stay on top of all the things I have going on and never miss a due date

This was a post that I was originally planning on doing at the end of November when midterms were going on and it was going to be a “goals for the second half of the semester” post. However, midterms are midterms and I ended up getting swooped up into a sea of papers, projects, tests, and quizzes. Needless to say, it been a VERY busy few weeks. So instead of my original plan, here are the things I’ve been trying to do the last few weeks and hope to keep doing through finals week mid-December.

The Goals:

  • Get all my B’s up to A’s
  • Participate more in class
  • Work hard every day not just when it’s close to a deadline
  • Plan out ALL work for what I will do each day
    • Actually, do it!
  • Spend a few hours every day out of my apartment and working in a quiet spot on campus with no distractions
  • Go to the gym at least twice a week
  • Go by the rule: if it’ll take 10min or less do it now
  • Review class notes at the end of the week

Things to keep doing that are helpful:

  • Have calendars (I do 2 months at a time) with paper, project, quiz, test (so on) dates EVERYWHERE!
    • I put one on the wall above my desk and one on taped to the front of my laptop
      • you can see the remainder of my November calendar in the bottom middle of my desktop screenshot I put above.
    • Why do it: Make it a lot harder for due dates to creep up on you
  • Meet with or email teachers when I have questions about anything don’t assume that my question will be answered
  • Use the app Grades 3 to stay up with what grade I have in the class
    • put all the weighting for different assignments into it and what grade you get on what things and it tells you what your grade is and what you have to get in order to get an A
  • Kick online procrastination by using the Self Controle App (you can find the download here)
    • The app lets you put in whatever websites you want and for the time you set it for you are unable to access those sites (even if you turn your laptop off)
    • I find it really great for when I just can’t focus at all.


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