The Most Important Thing My Mom Taught Me Growing Up

Straight to the point – What is the most important thing my mom taught me growing up? To eat and exercise to be healthy not to lose weight or look a certain way, but rather to feel healthy and strong.

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In light of the new year, tons of people have some kind of new years resolution along the lines of “go to the gym more” “eat healthier” and so on. This doesn’t exclude me. Getting so busy at the end of the semester lead to me to not really ever going to the gym and having pizza definitely more times a week than I should have been. Unfortunately, a lot of the reason people make these resolutions because they want to look different or lose weight (when they don’t need to for their health). The pressure to be thin and toned, but not too toned, and not too thin is ridiculous, especially when it comes to women and young girls. It’s impossible to get it ‘right’ – which in its self is a very stupid thing to say.

Nearly every day my mom wakes up bright and early and goes to the gym before work, a new years resolution she made a few years ago and still sticks to. One thing I’ve noticed a number of times in the last few months is that whenever someone comments that she looks thinner she politely derails their ‘compliment’ (more about why that’s in air quotes in another post) by responding something along the lines of “Yeah, I feel very strong.” To me, this is a pretty great way of dealing with a comment such as this. It makes it about being healthy rather than changing how she looks. Whenever she talks about exercise or eating healthy she has always talked about how good you feel when you exercise enough or eat well. Having the most prominent woman figure in my life make food and exercise about health rather than how you look helps me get through the daily struggle of loving your body that women. The fact of them matter is if you’re trying to get a body like someone else it’s just never going to happen…because you’re not them! And that’s a good thing! Everyone has a different body time ever all those “hourglass, pear, athletic”  and whatever body types is total BS because there aren’t six different body types every. single. one. is different.

I did say before that I have a new years resolution to exercise more and eat a bit healthier but it’s not because I want toned abs or arms or lose 5lbs. It’s because I love how it feels to be strong and healthy. And thanks to my mom I know that you can be healthy and still have ice cream after dinner or a big bowl of pasta, it’s about understanding your food and your body not about trying to change it.



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  1. josypheen says:

    I approve so much! Your mum sounds like an inspiration! You are so lucky to have such a good role model.

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    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing! What a wonderful role model your mom has been to you. Focusing on how you feel, rather than how you look (or what the scale says) is so much healthier– for your body and your mind!

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