Are you actually only getting a 10 month year? How to take your life back from your smartphone.

It’s no secret that people these days are tied to their cell phones like it’s life support. Everyone used their phone too much. A lot of people get defensive when the excessive amount of time people spend on their phone is brought up. Responding with saying they’re different and even sometimes leave their phone in a different room. But the reality is that you do, yes even if you genuinely think you don’t. It’s the pitfall of having a smartphone.

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This post is kind of long here’s a synopsis of what it’s about:

  • people spend on average 4.7hrs on their phone every day (a statistic from this article on phone usage)
  • that adds up to be 71.5 days which is more than 2 months every year
  • more likely than not you fit into this statistic even if you don’t think so
  • there’s an app Moment that will track your phone usage for you and you can see where you stand in the statistic
  • the rest of this post shows you how you can use the app to lessen your phone usage


A few months ago I downloaded an app called Moment and it’s made all the difference for me. The app tracks how long you use your phone though out the day. I highly recommend downloading it for even a few weeks to just see how much time you actually spend looking at your phone every day. I guaranty it’s significantly more than you think it is. I thought I was spending maybe three hours max, surprise there were days that were closer to seven hours.

the fact that I spent so much time on my phone and not in the moment made me feel sick like I’m not really here. So I decided to buy the paid version of the app which is $4 or $5 if I’m remembering correctly. I have never had less buyers remorse for a product. I haven’t regretted spending that money for one second. If you are serious about wanting to take your life back from your phone it 100% worth it.

If you want the math to weigh out if the price is worth it here’s what I did (because yes I am that kind of person)

  • the average amount of time I spent on my phone was 5hr which in a 30 day month works out to 150 hours a month which is just under 7 full days every month that’s spent looking at my phone.
  • That means I really was only getting 1/3 of every month.
  • For me getting 76 (over 2 months) of my life back every year is worth a lot more than $5 to me.
  • It works out to me having spent 2 full months on my phone throughout a year – only a 10 month year

How to utilize Moment to get your life back – because I have the paid for version of the app this is going to be how I use that version to help me detach from my phone

  1. Know how much time you really spend on your phone – get the app and spend a few weeks with it just using your phone as you normally do
  2. Determine how much time on average you spend every day – for me, it was five hours on average over the course of two months
  3. Go to setting in the app and set your time limit to a 1/2 hr less than your average
    1. Also in setting make sure you have “force me off when it over” on. this makes it so once you’ve reached your limit the app will send you a ton of really annoying notifications when you try to use your phone but have gone over your limit.
    2. Set it up so that ever so often it will send you a notification telling you how long you’ve spent on your phone – I have mine set to every 15 minutes
  4. every week lower your time by a 1/2 hr until you’ve reached your goal time. My current goal is to get to under an 1 1/2 hrs a day

I have only gotten down to 2hrs a day so far and even that can be hard sometimes. It’s definitely something you have to work on but if you really want to spend less time on your phone its worth it.

I found that the most amount of time I spend on my phone was before bed or right when I woke up. It’s so easy to just roll over and pick up your phone and then suddenly you’ve scrolled through all of Pinterest and Instagram and watched every Snapchat story and it been an hour since you woke up, To work on this I’ve started plugging my phone in at the foot of my bed instead of next to it, this has made a big difference for me, and I’ve been sleeping a lot better.



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