How to get the best skyline views in New York for FREE: Staten Island Ferry

A few months ago was my spring break from school. Considering I had been a bit home sick the week before I was happy to go home rather than on some beachy trip with friends (although even if I wanted to I don’t think my bank account would allow it). I am however a big fan of the notorious “staycation” and finding new things around my home. One of these things I’d discovered is the incredible views from the Staten Island Ferry. I had not planned on taking a ferry that day, especially considering I’m admittedly a bit scared of big boats…


My boyfriend and I had gone into the city for the day and while wandering around Battery Park got the idea to take a ferry to see the city from the water. I was far below the age of understanding what money really was the last time I’d taken a ferry or gone to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty. So I was pretty shocked to see how expensive the tickets were. It was $18 to just get to the Statue of Liberty, not worth it in my book. My boyfriend had lived in Staten Island as a little kid and remembered that the ferry was free so we went to see if it was still the case and it was.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Now I have no real idea if this is already a touristy thing to do so maybe I’m just terribly out of the loop. However, I’m going to write about it anyway. This is by far the best way to get a great view of the city. If you’re taking a ferry for the destination then I guess you don’t really have many other options there (but generally its a better idea to go from the NJ side to those than from the city). But if you are just looking to really see the city you’d probably think a top of a building would be best. That would lead you down the $30+ path of the Top of the Empire State building, Top of the Rock, 1 World observatory, which yes are all great but very expensive. A free trip where you get to get shots like the one shown above I think its the best option, especially if you’re on a budget. Also if you have kids they will find it much more entertaining than standing on the top of a building.


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