Try This Not That: New York City

99% of the time the typical things to do in a city is a tourist trap. Usually, there are even better alternatives to tourist hot spots, but also some are famous for a reason, but that’s for another post.

Here are a few suggestions I have for alternatives to tourist traps in New York City

View from the top of the empire state building $34 – alternatives:

  • Top of the Rock $34 it’s the same price but way better view in my opinion


  • Top of the Whitney $22 for adults $17 for students and free for everyone under 18 – and you also get to explore all of the museum as well.


Chelsea market

Window shopping on 5th Av

  • Soho – Broadway and Prince Street will bring you right to the area. Packed with high-end shops and in a much less crowded and cuter area

Central Park – this is more of a redirection than an alternative

  • Just going further into Central Park will give you a better experience. The south end of the park is always over crowded
  • Washington Square Park – still a very popular park but if you want to get a sense of everything in a NY park you can get it there. This is my personal favorite
  • Riverside Park – great sunset views over the Hudson


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