Climbing Mount Monadnock (New Hampshire)

Two weekends ago I went up to New Hampshire with my Mom and Brother for a few days. It was such a great time we went sailing and explored some of the area. Sunday morning Owen and I woke up nearly with the sun to get a hike in before leaving later that day…

People who live in in the Northern Mass and NH area probably have Hearn of Mount Monadnock. It’s relatively well known at least that’s my understanding. That’s what we climbed bright and early Sunday it was very tiring, much more so than I expected but totally worth it. The views at the top and even before we’re incredible. For anyone who knows the trails, we took the white dot trail which is the quickest way up but requires quite a bit of actual climbing which was unexpected haha.

If you’re in the area and looking for a great activity I highly recommend it. Definitely wear hiking boots though. I saw a number of people in workout sneakers and converse and such and they were having a very hard time. It’s not a path kind of deal you really do need real hiking boots to be safe.

If anyone has recommendations if there are great hikes in the North East or hiked Mount Monadnock before tell me about it I’m the comments.

All the photos but the last two were taken on a GoPro if anyone is wondering. I’m loving using it this summer. I just have been taking video and going through it after and taking a screenshot. That way I can really just enjoy the moment.


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  1. Were there a lot of bugs when you went? I’ve heard that! I climbed this with my gym October 2016 and I got some stunning photos of foliage! I’m actually going to do a sunrise hike with my gym this Sunday at the Blue Hills. I would not recommend the West Rattlesnake mountain unless you’re already in the area it was way too short haha for our 2+ hour round trip drive.

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    1. Bridget Fay says:

      Didn’t have too many problems with bugs that i remember just came out with a few bites.


    2. Bridget Fay says:

      Thanks for the top on the rattlesnake mountain good to know for reference!


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