Another Day in Dallas 


Heading home already. Dallas you’ve been wonderful. I started to get a little more accustomed to the heat as the week went on. Or maybe it was LoveTaza’s post about how kids are so unphased about summer heat that sparked my inner kid and made it not seem as bad.

I wish I had just one more day in Dallas to explore Uptown Dallas. We went around a little yesterday and I could tell it’s such a cool area….
img_2636IMG_2674IMG_2675 Somehow we managed to hit almost all of the ‘things to do’ stuff for the area. We went to a US vs Costa Rica soccer game at the AT&T Stadium. That stadium is WILD!! It’s massive! We got great seats only 15 rows from the field! Not saying I know anything about soccer but it was still a lot of fun. They had beautiful art all around the stadium and a gorgeous food area! It honestly looked like a fancy hotel!

IMG_2671IMG_2673IMG_2672 Our last day in Dallas we fit in a lot! We went to the Perot Museum and probably spend three hours just on the first floor. They have a whole floor that’s just all different science and learning game and activities. Even at 20, I felt like a kid there. I definitely see myself taking my future kids to Dallas for a long weekend (in the Fall when its cooler though). There are so many great play grounds and splash pads and the Perot is like a kid’s (or my) dream!


We hit the Nasher Sculpture Center next which was stunning. It reminded me of a mini version of Grounds for Sculpture. I wish there was a place like that in New York (I guess the MoMA’s garden is the closest). If you know of one let me know!! I loved the Nasher so much I’m going to write a whole nother post just on that!


The Dart is the metro system in Dallas and it’s sooo clean! it’s so nice, or maybe it’s just because I have the New York subway to compare it to. It’s mostly all above ground but when we went to Uptown Dallas later on that day it lets you off under ground. It was so far under ground. If you’re familiar with the entrance to the metro stop on DuPont Circle in DC, think that long (and steep) of an escalator and double it! For some reason, I took the stairs instead of the escalator and people were weirdly impressed haha. One guy even stopped me and was like “wow I’ve never seen someone do that before.”

There is a little trolly that goes all around the city which is FREE!! We did a full loop on it (by accident) but it was still a nice way to see more of the city and I’d recommend it.

All around I had a really great time in Dallas. Once I got past the heat it was great, everyone was so nice and there’s so much more to do and going on here than originally thought! Sorry, this was such a long post, just too much to say to keep it short.


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  1. Therese Ledwith says:

    I love your Photography. You’re images have changed what was my image of Dallas

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  2. Therese Ledwith says:


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  3. Wow never knew Dallas was such a cool place. Thank you for your interest in my blog and I look forward to following yours.

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    1. Bridget Fay says:

      I was surprised by it too! A good kind of surprised haha.

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  4. Rach says:

    What an eventful weekend at Dallas! I’ve always wanted to go there! Also, I definitely can recommend much more affordable Ark bags, if you’re interested! I’ll send an email with options later this week 🙂

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