Morven Garden


Morven Garden is probably in top 3 favorite spots to go early summer. They have a crazy amount of peonies lining the walk ways and it’s just heavenly to me. It’s a little garden and museum in Princeton with a lot of cool history you can get more info on it here.


It’s funny how despite living in the same town for 20 years I still find new areas that have been there all along. I’ve been trying to make an effort lately to get out and go to the towns and cities I always go to but not the places in them I normally go. I highly recommend it. It’s fun rediscovering your own town.


I used to hardly go there but now it’s one of my favorite spots. It’s so great for just walking around, reading or picnics. They’re building, I think, a new architecture school or something right next to the garden. It’s a bummer right now because it means there’s a lot of construction going on in the area but I think it will be cool when its all done. At least the sketch of what it’s supposed to look like seems pretty cool.



Body suit (similar), Shorts (similar), Button down (similar), Sunglasses (similar)


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  1. Dealman says:

    Beautiful dress and Amazing Garden flower’s.

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  2. brittany says:

    how beautiful!!! love all those blossoms!!

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  3. chet2u says:

    Looks like a fun place! Keep on exploring….

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  4. Nice photos! I loove your outfit. This actually makes me miss visiting gardens. You’re so right about rediscovering places around you. Beautiful spots are always right under our noses but we never really get to appreciate or visit them!
    You have a really lovely blog ❤ I'd love if we can follow each other maybe? Do let me know! Have a good week ahead x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

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    1. Bridget Fay says:

      Yes of course I’ll go check out your blog now!


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