Back to College and Summer Round Up


I’ve been gone for quite a while! Sorry about that. Classes have only just started but I’ve been at school for the last almost three weeks for RA training. There’s so much more to do than I thought there would be, but thanks to my over organizing tendencies I’m somehow able to manage.

I promise I’ll get back on a regular posting schedule now that I have things a bit more under control. For now, though I decided to share some of my favorite pictures from the summer, some I probably have already posted other will be new.

Hope everyone is having a smooth transition back to school if you’re a student or parent.

IMG_3170-2IMG_1204IMG_2859IMG_0771IMG_0722Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 10.09.52 PMIMG_1650DSC_0181


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  1. How’s life as an RA? I was one for 2 years and it was crazy to say the least since I had freshmen residents. The level of expectations of helping them out with programming, interactions was insane compared to mixed year halls. Most of them wanted nothing to do with me hahah.

    – Hanna

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    1. Bridget Fay says:

      honestly im loving it! Its a lot more work than i thought it would be, but i have sophomore so they dont require as much hand-holding you know? I love the staff i work with a ton though makes being on duty and stuff a lot easier.

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      1. That’s good! Yeah they should feel more comfortable coming back as returning students unless they’re transfers :). I think most people just wanted the job for the free housing.

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