Rockport, Massachusetts – My Favorite Beach-Less Beach Town


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really that big on beaches. I’m not too sure what it is I don’t really love. That not that I don’t enjoy going to the beach, it’s just that I can’t do it ALL day. Places where I can go to the beach then go into town, mill around a bit then maybe go back to the beach I love. I like beaches that are more interesting than the Jersey beaches I’m used to where its just kind of beach and nothing really breaking it up if that makes any sense…



Late June I went up to Massachusetts to visit a very good friend of mine from school and we went to Rockport for one of the days I was there. We had gone last summer too and I fell in love with it! It’s the sweetest town! I’ve been told its actually a pretty popular place but I’m going to gush about it anyway.


Even though it’s pretty small there still are so many little shops and whatnot to go in and explore. We ate at the same spot as last time ___. Went into nearly all of the candy shops (there are so many!!) and galleries. It has a pretty big art scene so that’s definitely a factor in why I love it so much. All of the house are so cute, kind of reminding me of a smaller version of those really nice big Hamptons style houses.


We noticed this time that they have kayaking tours of the harbor that even go out into the ocean and we added it to the to-do list for next summer.

If you’re familiar with the area do you have any suggestions of things to do we might have missed?

Top – Zara – similar here

Skirt – Forever 21 – similar here

Sunglasses – Banan Republic – similar here


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