Study Abroad – Rome (thoughts on the first few days)


Last semester was hectic, to say the least. I hardly got to catch my breath before the semester ended. Winter break consisted of some much-needed rest and family time. Leaving school at the end of the semester was a weird feeling because I’m not going to be back until fall of my senior year (yikes!). I was also excited because how could I not be with study abroad coming up. So that’s where I am now, in Rome. I’ve been here two weeks as of tomorrow and it feels both like I’ve been here for months and like it was yesterday.


Unfortunately, school is still a thing while I’m here, it is STUDY abroad after all. But that’s definitely not stopping me from exploring and planning trips. Most of the classes I’m taking on campus here are 50% site visits, meaning that we go to the actual place we are studying instead of just reading about it in a book, which is AMAZING! I love how it’s bringing me to parts of the city I might not have thought of going to. I’m also taking Italian classes while I’m here, which is already proving very helpful. Those classes only go until mid-March so after that, I have FIVE day weekends!!! So I’m planning on doing most of my out of Italy traveling then.

Home is wonderful though, I’m living with a host family who are the sweetest and incredibly helpful and a roommate who’s in the same program as me who is also the sweetest.


First day here we were hours early for orientation so a group of us just wondered the city and accidentally made it through a good deal of the tourist checklist. I’ll be going back when I’m not fresh off a plane and exhausted so I can appreciate it all more.

I love that I feel more at home here now that I’ve been here a little while. I can get around pretty easily without having to look at a map or asking for directions. Or at least I can in the center of the city where I’m living (once I get farther out I need google maps to save me). Figuring out where the best food or cafes are around me is really exciting, and so far they’re not the places I find recommended online.


It feels so weird that it’s only been two weeks. It went so fast but I feel like I know the city so well already, which just means I’ll think I’m crazy for saying that now when I have a few months under my belt.


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