Vatican City

A few weekends ago I got to spent a lot of time exploring Rome in a more touristy way. Although I had been here for nearly a month I hadn’t checked anything off the tourist to-do list. Lucky for me I got the opportunity to visit the Vatican and Colosseum a few weekends ago. Both were impressive to say the least.

I had stopped by the Vatican before and just walked around but didn’t go inside. I was definitely happy I went in a group because it meant we got to skip the line that stretches all the way around the plaza in front of the Vatican and go in through the group entrance.

I knew the Vatican had loads of impressive art but I had no idea HOW much! When I say every inch of that place is covered in something beautiful I really mean it. I could do a tour and only look at the floors and be blown away.

I’ve taken my fair share of art history classes so getting to see the painting I’d studied was amazing. True I’ve seen work I’ve studied tons of times thanks to living so close to New York but never pieces that seems so far away.

We went to the Sistine Chapel but couldn’t take any pictures because apparently, Japan has copy write of it because they paid for it to be cleaned. It was beautiful obviously. I just sat there and stared at the ceiling for a good chunk of time.

As impressive as the Sistine Chapel was I was significantly more blown away by Saint Peter’s. The size alone was unbelievable. And there was work by my favourite sculptor (Bernini) which was incredible to get to see in person.

After we finished exploring the basilica we climbed all the way to to the top of the dome. The view was jaw-dropping! The walk to it was not. There was even a point where the walls on either side of the tinny staircase slanted from the curve of the dome. It was was crazy hard climb! The health app on my phone said I walked 50 flights of stairs! Sounds like a ton but I definitely believe it.

As exhausting of a day it was, it was still worth it and absolutely incredible.

Jacket – Zara – similar here

Sweater – Tahari – similar here

Pants + Belt – Boutique in Rome – similar here

Boots – H&M (same here but in paten leather)

Backpack – Botique in Rome – similar here


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