Weekend in Bologna


One of the perks of the study abroad program I am doing is that we have a few trips that come with the price of tuition, meaning they’re built right into the program. One of these was a weekend in Bologna Italy. We didn’t have the best weather, it rained the whole time, but I’ve never been one to mind a bit of rain. I’m a big believer that every town and city is interesting and great if you just take the time to figure out what it is. And let me tell you this city had a lot I loved about it even if I had somehow hardly even heard of it before.


We first made a stop in Ravenna which is about an hour out of Bologna. We visited a few churches and grabbed a bite to eat. We got lunch at Osteria Passatelli where I did some pretty extensive research into what on earth “red cows milk cheese” is. Mainly because I was wondering if it was called that because there in blood in it or something, to which our waiter was pretty horrified when I asked. If you’re wondering it doesn’t, it just the color of the cow, still not too sure why it’s so special honestly. I ended up getting the dish with it in it and it was absolutely delicious.


Delicious food proved to be a consistent trend over the weekend. Above are pictures of my lunch from the next day in Bologna in the upstairs restaurant in Middle Market. We later stopped by a photography museum which had been converted from a subway station near Piazza Maggiore.


Saturday night we went to what I have determined is my heaven on earth, FICO World Eataly. Eataly’s are all over the place, with a two in New York City but this one is the biggest in the world! I spent most of the time with my jaw dropped in amazement in everything they had there. They even had animals outside you could go visit.


It’s definitely on my list to go again and just eat my way through the whole place. They had a whole restaurant and shop dedicated to truffles, which I shamefully became a regular in just a few hours. What can I say their samples were very convincing. I ended up getting two jars of truffle honey one for me and one for my brother. It’s undeniable the best thing I’ve ever tasted.


They also had a whole restaurant/shop for parmesan cheese which I’m pretty upset I didn’t get to check out more than just popping in. Basically, they had a restaurant or store dedicated to pretty much any kind of even slightly Italian food or condiment you could think of. There was even a band playing and people dancing, and a whole area just for plants and flowers which are two things I always love! Truly a magical place.

Jacket – Zara – similar here

Boots – DSW – similar here

Jeans – Terranova – similar here

Top – Terranova – similar here

Backpack – boutique in Rome – similar here


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  1. I’ve never really been that interested in visiting Bologna, but oh my gosh the food there looks SO amazing! The city itself also looks so so nice, so I think I need to add it to my list now! 🙂
    xo April | April Everyday

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  2. Audrey says:

    Ah I love visiting new cities and seeing the pretty buildings and streets 🙂 // I love cheese but I’m definitely not a food connoisseur. High end cheese, low end cheese, I love it all! Honestly the only reason I couldn’t go vegan. // Those lil cakes look SO delicious! // I’ve been to the Eataly in NYC once and it was great! Admittedly it was years ago so I don’t remember too much of it // Hope you’re having a great time abroad; it looks like you are! 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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