Weekend in Brussels


The last weekend in February I went to Brussels for a one night trip! A friend and I impulsively booked it the weekend before when seeing how crazy cheap the hotel and airfare would be.  We got there, back and a hotel room at a Marriot for less than $150 each!! Plus it was my friends birthday so it was a fun way to celebrate.


We got there early afternoon Saturday dropped our bags, quickly recovered from our flight at the hotel (we had to wake up at 4am which was a tough one) and headed out. We went to get lunch but found the place we were going to (Peck 47) too busy and ended up going back for an early dinner when it was quieter. As amazing as Italian food is let me tell you, not Italian food after only having Italian food is INCREDIBLE!!!


Getting waffles, fries (the Dallas sauce is the best I think), poached eggs, NACHOS, everything I missed in Rome made me so happy. As beautiful as the city is I got to say the food was a high light. I know they’re not famous for it, it’s just that I missed that type of food SO much!! They also had a Starbucks which shamefully I got to say I have missed way more than I thought I would. I think it’s more having something so familiar that I missed than Starbucks itself.


The first day we spend wandering around just getting to know where we were by getting lost, which is my favourite way to get to know a new place (as long as I have google maps to show me how to get home). We went to so many cute shops and I picked up some presents for people back home. That night we went to Bright Brussels Festival of Light which happened to be going on that weekend. Things like that are so my type of thing and make me so happy. It reminded me of Light City Baltimore which I love and am bummed I’m missing this year.


Sunday we slept in a bit and spent the day wondering again but in a different direction this time. We ended up at the botanical garden which was very pretty and very quiet being that not too many people feel like wandering around in a garden when its 25 degrees out. I feel like I really got an idea of what the city is like, or at least as much as I could from being there less than 48 hours. I hope I can go back to Belgium again some time so I can explore some of its other cities too.



Jacket: Zara (similar)

Hat: Calvin Klein

Sunglasses: Aldo

Backpack: boutique in Rome (similar)

Boots: H&M (similar)

Jeans 1: Tarnova (similar)

Jeans 2: unsure where I got them (similar)

Sweater: Banana Republic (similar)

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  2. Himali says:

    Wow sounds like an amazing trip.. great pictures…brussels has always been on the bucket list 😇

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Katie says:

    This looks like such a fun weekend! I think I would have tried so many different waffle toppings since waffles are so so good!

    Liked by 1 person

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