Day Trip From Rome – Assisi


A few weekends ago my school went on a trip to Assisi. It was just under a 3hr drive from Rome so not a bad ride at all. Just like the trip to Tuscany a weeks ago the drive, there was stunning, with cliff side towns and mountains. Honestly, I didn’t know much about the town before visiting but quickly learned there are a lot of reason to visit.


It was rainy when we got there but it ended up getting pretty sunny out around midday. The trip was mainly focused on visiting churches which are all very pretty but I’m a bit tired of visiting after being in Italy for a few months and visiting churches multiple times a week for classes. But the time spent walking around the town was my favourite. I made sure to get a bit lost in the city down side streets and alleys to see more of the city.


We did a lot of walking throughout the day which our program director rewarded with a break on the balcony of Hotel Giotto Assis. I zoned out hard looking at the view from the balcony (two pictures below). There were mountains surrounding us and you could see into the valley of farmland below.


Overall I had a really great time getting to explore a new city in Italy. I’m really enjoying getting to know the other cities in Italy better over the last few weeks. I’m hoping to get to know more of the country more as I go into the second talk of my time here in Italy. Getting to see all these towns in the countryside is making me want to do a road trip through the country when I’m older. I think it would be the only way I could see as much of the country as I want to.

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  1. Ishita says:

    I loved Assisi too although it’s a pity I only had a few hours to explore. Love all your pics ❤


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