Last Tuesday, VERY late at night I got back from my spring break trips. I had an absolutely amazing time and got to see a lot more of the world. That being said I am still  EXHAUSTED from the trips. I understand now more than ever how travelling can take a lot out of you. I did have a very relaxing time for the most part though.

The first stop on my list was Barcelone…


The first few days I was there wiped me out HARD! The majority of our group was only staying until Sunday so it was a race to get all the tourist things done in only two days. Let me tell you, this is NOT my kind of travelling. Both days I walked over eight miles!! We hit Park Güell which is the famous one with all the mosaic buildings and benches. In the middle of the park is a hill (mountain by northeastern standards) that when you get to the top you get a clear view of the whole city. The view was truly incredible and I really wish I could have stayed up there all day.


The second day I was there it was pouring rain a generally a pretty grey day over all  so it was more of a slew of cafes and random shops that we jumped in and out of in an effort to stay dry. We came to a big flea market which I loved. They had literally everything you could possibly need there. We also checked out the Gothic Quarter which I think is my favourite area of Barcelona that I saw. All the buildings were so beautiful and there were tons of great shops and food everywhere. I went back a few days later to check it out again.


One of my favorite things I tried were the patatas bravas (pictured two above) from Restaurant La Pepita. It’s a classic Spanish dish and truly incredible!! I had it at a few other places but I didn’t like it as much as I did at La Pepita. In general, I loved getting out of my normal food routine. As much as I love Italian food I do get VERY tired of having it every day for every meal. So I gobbled up all the Spanish and trendy food I could get my hands on. I had some really great oatmeal one morning and honestly am still not over it. I miss oatmeal way more than I probably should.


Overall as exhausting as the first few days where I really did enjoy my time in Barcelona. It helped me to learn that I am more of a “live in the city” type of traveller than a “check off all the spots” type of person. If anyone is thinking of going to Barcelona I highly recommend the hostel we stayed at Yeah Hostel. It’s the first one I’ve ever stayed at. The staff was so friendly and helpful, the rooms were great and the location and facilities were amazing!!

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  1. mywendee says:

    that food looks delicious
    The Glossychic


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