Favorite Food Spots in Rome



No secret Italy’s famous for its food. I’ve always LOVED Italian food. As a kid, any type of pasta was one thing my parents could ALWAYS count on me scarfing every bit down. Honestly pretty much still the case. I’ve gotten to try a lot of great food while I’ve been here. Unfortunately, the best food I’ve had has been cooked by my host mom and I can’t exactly recommend her as a place to get food, so here are some of my other favorite food spots I’ve gone back and back again.

full disclaimer this list isn’t all Italian food. like I’ve said in the past as much as I love Italian food I have had times when I just need literally anything else to eat so a few of my favorite spots for that are on this list too.


I love this place way more than I should. Literally, everyone who has come to visit me this has been the spot I take them to dinner. The people who work here are possibly the nicest people I’ve met and are so helpful. I’ve gone here so much the waitress knows me and my favorite food and wine on the menu. The food, of course, is also amazing. My go to order for two people is a bottle of red wine (whatever they recommended and is not expensive), cheese board with focaccia bread, and the buffalo mozzarella and romano pizza (pictured above). It’ll fill you up and is delicious while also being very affordable.


This is a fantastic place to grab a drink and/or a burger. They also have lots of Italian options but I love this place for their spritzers and veggie burger! This place is also a hot spot for aperitivo (sort of like a happy hour where you get a drink and a tasting platter for one price)


100% my favorite pizza in Rome. It’s served in the traditional Roman style (folded like a sandwich) so its perfect grab and go. They have tons of pizza options and it is CHEAP!! like 3-4 euro cheap, which is amazing especially for pretty much anything in Rome. Cheap and incredible pizza – what else can I say.


Okay so this is an international chain including NYC but I was so happy to have found it. I hadn’t heard of it before but came across it walking around Campo de’ Fiori a while back. Pretty much any Asian food is tied with Italian for my favorite food.  It is VERY hard to find Asian food in Rome that doesn’t taste more like Italian with soy sauce.  Because this is a chain through it tasted like the Asian food I’d get at home so I’m very happy with this place.


Hands down favorite gelato in Rome (at least so far). That have so many flavors and branch out from the standard flavors. Some of my favorite flavors are: dark chocolate with red wine, lemon sage, raspberry rosemary, and the classic stracciatella.


This is another not so Italian spot, it’s a smoothie and juice bar. I originally went in hoping to find bubble tea (I didn’t). I did find my favorite after class spot though. My friend Sara and I stop by here every now and then after class and grab a smoothy or juice and just hang out on the swing seats they have in the windows. They also have food here but I haven’t tried it yet.


This will pop up again in a later post about my favorite study spots, but this is just about the food, which is great! This is a mix of Italian and more American style foods. You can get avocado toast (which isn’t a thing in Italy) but it has an Italian twist to it. My favorite thing though is their weekend buffets! I’ll go to do work here a lot and just get a tea and something to eat.

I’ll continue adding to this list as I find more places I’m enjoying. I need to make sure to get through all the lists friends and family gave me before coming here for restaurants to check out.

I’ve been travelling a lot the last few weeks so I wasn’t able to go around to all these spots and take pictures myself so all of these are grabbed from off of google

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  1. Tonye says:

    Italy is on my list of places to go so I love reading about great places to for food! Yummy looking pictures too!😉


  2. batwell90 says:

    Your article is making want to visit Rome!


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