7 Tips on How to Actually Get Work Done When Studying Abroad


One of the hardest things I’ve found while being abroad is doing the actual “study” part of “study abroad”. This isn’t some new idea pretty much everyone who goes abroad has the same problem. Not saying I have it figured out at all but here are a few of the tricks I’ve been using to try to get my work done.



  • Get out of the house (or dorm)
    • This is the number one thing I need to do in order to get work done. Being around some people in a cafe or on campus helps me hold myself to my work rather than Netflix
  • Write down/make social and travel plans for the week at the beginning of the week
    • This helps to keep you in check so you don’t end up with piles of work the night before you leave for a trip (been there and it’s not fun)
  • Be realistic about what you can/will get done while on a trip
    • realistically it’s probably nothing
  • Have your calendar on your desk or where you’ll see it every day
    • This is a pretty obvious and general one but seeing what’s due each month at a glance is very helpful
  • Don’t do study dates with friends if you don’t work well around other people
  • Snacks and a drink <- just keep it with you so you don’t lose steam

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