Cork, Ireland


The other week I did a trip up to Ireland to visit my boyfriend who’s studying there. I somehow managed to get the best and some of the worst weather all within a few days.


First two days I was there the weather was nice, clear skys and warm the first! So we spent pretty much the whole time walking around outside. There was a park nearby with a path that ran all the way along the River Lee. We walked along and climbed threes there for a while. It was great to see Ireland in the sunshine and not just it’s typical rain. That night we also went to a pub with live music and had a great time dancing all night to some classics.


Later on, in the week we went to Kinsale a fishing town about an hour out of Cork. We visited Charles Fort which was built in the 1600s and had incredible views of the town and water! We were lucky enough to be there when the sailing teams went out to practice. We stood and watched them from the fort for a while. After we went down closer to the actual town and got the most incredible fish and chip’s I’ve ever had at The Bluman!!! Honestly, they were so good I would go back just to have them again!


I absolutely loved Ireland and already am dreaming of going back! I want to do a road trip to the northern and western areas because I stayed in the southern parts. Has anyone done a road trip around Ireland before? Any tips or places to see?


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  1. Tulsatrot says:

    Wow, Cork looks beautiful! I’ve only been to Dublin, but the countryside is worth a visit from your photos. Enjoy the rest of your time there.


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