Favorite Study Spots in Rome


Slightly oddly there aren’t many places in Rome I’ve found where I can actually get work done. Especially spots with WiFi that’ll let you study there for hours on end doing work. However, I have found a few spots.

Here are my 3 favourite spots to get work done in Rome and what I like about them. They all also have wifi that’s either open or if you ask you can get the password.


  • Ex Circus
    • 100% my favourite spot to study. They cater to American students studying abroad so it’s perfect. They have loads of delicious food and drinks to have while you study and don’t mind you staying for hours on end. Not going to lie I’ve spent 6+ hours here a few time just knocking out all my work.
  • laFeltrinelli Libri e Musica
    • I’ve studied here a few times and it’s been a good set up. There are chairs downstairs which is good but doesn’t have tables. If you want a table to work on as I usually do you can snag yourself a table upstairs at the cafe.
  • Barnum Cafè
    • Honestly such good food! They don’t allow for people with laptops to work at the front but there are a table and some couches for people to study at which are super comfy.

Overall I’m surprised how few places there are to work here. I’m used to Starbucks type of cafe’s where people pop down all the time and do work. I’m looking forward to being able to do this again in most cafe’s when I’m back home.


(photos are from Pinterest)

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