How I Packed For Abroad


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Packing is probably the wost. Actually unpacking is the worst and I’m not looking forward to my bags sitting 1/2 unpacked in my room a month after moving back home. There aren’t really any tips for unpacking other than doing it step by step but there are lots of things you can do that can help you to pack. Here are the things I did when packing for abroad which made all the difference for me.


A lot of these are also things that I do when I pack for normal trips as well so you can use these ideas for normal travelling or packing as well

The obvious:

  • know the weather of where you are going to be living (and how it changes while you’re there) and where you want to travel to
  • know how long you will be there

Things you’ll need

  • as light weight of a bag as possible
    • I opted for a large rolling duffle rather than a structured suitcase because it allowed me a few extra pounds so my bag would be under 50lbs
  • space bags (small roll up – large vacuum sizes)
  • bag scale
  • App: Smart Closet
    • this is the biggest help!

How to use Smart Closet to help you pack:

I love this app for a million reasons and use it all the time. You take a photo of your clothes and upload it to the app and can put together outfits and keep track of when you wear them. You also can put the outfits and clothes into different categories so you can find them easier.

There is a section titled “packing” under the “more” menu that allows you to make a packing list from your digital closet

You can pack by article of clothing or with outfits. I prefer the outfits because it helped me to pack thing’s I’ll actually wear. Obviously, though making outfits for every day for the 5 months I was here ahead of time is unrealistic and didn’t happen.

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  1. Great advice! Love to travel


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