Summer Vision Board + Bucketlist

Man am I excited for summer. I get so excited for each season as it gets closer and my head just floods with all my favorite things about that season. This summer especially though I’m so excited for all my ‘regular’ summer things.

So here’s a list of the things on my todo list for this summer:

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Favorite Study Spots in Rome


Slightly oddly there aren’t many places in Rome I’ve found where I can actually get work done. Especially spots with WiFi that’ll let you study there for hours on end doing work. However, I have found a few spots.

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7 Tips on How to Actually Get Work Done When Studying Abroad


One of the hardest things I’ve found while being abroad is doing the actual “study” part of “study abroad”. This isn’t some new idea pretty much everyone who goes abroad has the same problem. Not saying I have it figured out at all but here are a few of the tricks I’ve been using to try to get my work done.

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Difficult Transitions When Studing Abroad in Rome


It seems pretty obvious to say that there’re a lot of differences between Italy and the US. Going into study abroad I knew that there would be a lot of differences. I looked up manors and how to tip and all that before heading to Italy so to not put my foot in my mouth when eating out. However, looking back I didn’t find anything specific to moving to Rome for a few months. Like what kinds of things, they do differently.

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