My Favorite Music Right Now 2 (December-February playlist)

Last summer you might remember I did a post about my current favourite music. This is pretty much the same thing but with a whole bunch of new songs. I’m doing my playlists a bit different now I’m doing in groups of 3 months instead of a new one every month. Except I abandoned even…

Cooking Class with Punto di Cottura

Last Friday I got the chance to take a cooking class here in Rome atĀ Punto di Cottura. They’re a small amateur cooking school just a bit north of the Vatican. They offer many different options in classes from private groups to market tours all for a reasonable price. In our class, we learned to make…

Fall Vibes

Few things make me as happy as the start of a new season. I have a hard time picking an absolute favorite season because by about halfway through a season I start lusting after whatever season is next.

Back to College and Summer Round Up

I’ve been gone for quite a while! Sorry about that. Classes have only just started but I’ve been at school for the last almost three weeks for RA training. There’s so much more to do than I thought there would be, but thanks to my over organizing tendenciesĀ I’m somehow able to manage.