24hrs in London

The end of my spring break was Easter weekend so I hopped on over to Liverpool to stay with some family for the holiday. On my way out of the country, I stayed a night in London and explored the city a little bit before catching my flight that night.

Favorite Food Spots in Rome

  No secret Italy’s famous for its food. I’ve always LOVED Italian food. As a kid, any type of pasta was one thing my parents could ALWAYS count on me scarfing every bit down. Honestly pretty much still the case. I’ve gotten to try a lot of great food while I’ve been here. Unfortunately, the best…

Madeira Portugal

The second stop on my spring break trip schedule was Madeira Portugal. It was a bit of a leap for me. I’m not a big fan of the ocean so being surrounded by it was a bit scary not going to lie. But boy was it worth it!!

My Favorite Music Right Now 2 (December-February playlist)

Last summer you might remember I did a post about my current favourite music. This is pretty much the same thing but with a whole bunch of new songs. I’m doing my playlists a bit different now I’m doing in groups of 3 months instead of a new one every month. Except I abandoned even…