Favorite Food Spots in Rome



No secret Italy’s famous for its food. I’ve always LOVED Italian food. As a kid, any type of pasta was one thing my parents could ALWAYS count on me scarfing every bit down. Honestly pretty much still the case. I’ve gotten to try a lot of great food while I’ve been here. Unfortunately, the best food I’ve had has been cooked by my host mom and I can’t exactly recommend her as a place to get food, so here are some of my other favorite food spots I’ve gone back and back again.

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Last Tuesday, VERY late at night I got back from my spring break trips. I had an absolutely amazing time and got to see a lot more of the world. That being said I am still  EXHAUSTED from the trips. I understand now more than ever how travelling can take a lot out of you. I did have a very relaxing time for the most part though.

The first stop on my list was Barcelone…

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Cooking Class with Punto di Cottura


Last Friday I got the chance to take a cooking class here in Rome at Punto di Cottura. They’re a small amateur cooking school just a bit north of the Vatican. They offer many different options in classes from private groups to market tours all for a reasonable price.

In our class, we learned to make linguine, a classic tomato sauce and tiramisu.

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Weekend in Brussels


The last weekend in February I went to Brussels for a one night trip! A friend and I impulsively booked it the weekend before when seeing how crazy cheap the hotel and airfare would be.  We got there, back and a hotel room at a Marriot for less than $150 each!! Plus it was my friends birthday so it was a fun way to celebrate.

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