Summer Vision Board + Bucketlist

Man am I excited for summer. I get so excited for each season as it gets closer and my head just floods with all my favorite things about that season. This summer especially though I’m so excited for all my ‘regular’ summer things.

So here’s a list of the things on my todo list for this summer:

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24hrs in London


The end of my spring break was Easter weekend so I hopped on over to Liverpool to stay with some family for the holiday. On my way out of the country, I stayed a night in London and explored the city a little bit before catching my flight that night.

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Another Day in DallasΒ 


Heading home already. Dallas you’ve been wonderful. I started to get a little more accustomed to the heat as the week went on. Or maybe it was LoveTaza’s post about how kids are so unphased about summer heat that sparked my inner kid and made it not seem as bad.

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