Another Day in Dallas 


Heading home already. Dallas you’ve been wonderful. I started to get a little more accustomed to the heat as the week went on. Or maybe it was LoveTaza’s post about how kids are so unphased about summer heat that sparked my inner kid and made it not seem as bad.

I wish I had just one more day in Dallas to explore Uptown Dallas. We went around a little yesterday and I could tell it’s such a cool area…. Continue reading “Another Day in Dallas “


Try This Not That: New York City

99% of the time the typical things to do in a city is a tourist trap. Usually, there are even better alternatives to tourist hot spots, but also some are famous for a reason, but that’s for another post.

Here are a few suggestions I have for alternatives to tourist traps in New York City

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Pink Toned Embroidered Top and My Favorite Fashion Trend Right Now

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I am absolutely obsessed with embroidery right now. It’s hard to have not noticed how big of a trend this is right now. Unfortunately, it can be a little hard to find a great looking embroidered piece in the average person, or college students price range. Lucky for me a trip to H&M proved otherwise. I got this top from an H&M over the winter in the clearance section for only $11!!!! How fantastic is that! If you’ve ever scrolled through my closet board on Pinterest it’s probably pretty obvious I’m loving the embroidery trend…

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How to get the best skyline views in New York for FREE: Staten Island Ferry

A few months ago was my spring break from school. Considering I had been a bit home sick the week before I was happy to go home rather than on some beachy trip with friends (although even if I wanted to I don’t think my bank account would allow it). I am however a big fan of the notorious “staycation” and finding new things around my home. One of these things I’d discovered is the incredible views from the Staten Island Ferry. I had not planned on taking a ferry that day, especially considering I’m admittedly a bit scared of big boats…

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