Favorite Food Spots in Rome



No secret Italy’s famous for its food. I’ve always LOVED Italian food. As a kid, any type of pasta was one thing my parents could ALWAYS count on me scarfing every bit down. Honestly pretty much still the case. I’ve gotten to try a lot of great food while I’ve been here. Unfortunately, the best food I’ve had has been cooked by my host mom and I can’t exactly recommend her as a place to get food, so here are some of my other favorite food spots I’ve gone back and back again.

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Day Trip From Rome – Assisi


A few weekends ago my school went on a trip to Assisi. It was just under a 3hr drive from Rome so not a bad ride at all. Just like the trip to Tuscany a weeks ago the drive, there was stunning, with cliff side towns and mountains. Honestly, I didn’t know much about the town before visiting but quickly learned there are a lot of reason to visit.

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A Taste of Tuscany – Bus2Alps review


Happy Saint Patricks day!!

I’ve heard a lot of things about Bus2Alps, great things and terrible. I had never heard of it until some time last year when it suddenly was covering my social media. I didn’t actually mean to do a Bus2Alps trip but a friend of mine had someone drop out last minute from the trip and asked if I wanted to go with them. It was a wine tasting in Tuscany for only €90 (including 2 vineyards, lunch and transport).

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Cooking Class with Punto di Cottura


Last Friday I got the chance to take a cooking class here in Rome at Punto di Cottura. They’re a small amateur cooking school just a bit north of the Vatican. They offer many different options in classes from private groups to market tours all for a reasonable price.

In our class, we learned to make linguine, a classic tomato sauce and tiramisu.

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