Summer Vision Board + Bucketlist

Man am I excited for summer. I get so excited for each season as it gets closer and my head just floods with all my favorite things about that season. This summer especially though I’m so excited for all my ‘regular’ summer things. So here’s a list of the things on my todo list for…

Warby Parker Quintessentials Collection

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love sunglasses. They’re like lipstick for an outfit, they pull it all together and polish it off. Warby ParkerĀ just released their Quintessentials collection today and I am beyond excited.

Back to College and Summer Round Up

I’ve been gone for quite a while! Sorry about that. Classes have only just started but I’ve been at school for the last almost three weeks for RA training. There’s so much more to do than I thought there would be, but thanks to my over organizing tendenciesĀ I’m somehow able to manage.

My Favorite Music Right Now (June and July playlists)

I recently started doing this thing where I make a playlist for each month. I started doing it because I found that since I got Spotify I less connection to music I’m listening to. I don’t mean I don’t connect with it I mean associate it with a citrine time. You know when you hear…