Vatican City

A few weekends ago I got to spent a lot of time exploring Rome in a more touristy way. Although I had been here for nearly a month I hadn’t checked anything off the tourist to-do list. Lucky for me I got the opportunity to visit the Vatican and Colosseum a few weekends ago. Both were impressive to say the least.

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Early July in the Hamptons

Sagg Main Beach

Not going to lie I’m not much of a beach person. This absolutely baffles my brother who loves the beach. But still, that being said I LOVE going out to the Hamptons. I think it’s because the beaches are all so beautiful and the towns are so cute and nice. My family has gone out there most summers for a week, sometimes a long weekend since before I could talk. Not kidding, I took my first steps there across my aunt’s kitchen.

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Climbing Mount Monadnock (New Hampshire)

Two weekends ago I went up to New Hampshire with my Mom and Brother for a few days. It was such a great time we went sailing and explored some of the area. Sunday morning Owen and I woke up nearly with the sun to get a hike in before leaving later that day…

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